Spencer Pratt's Domination of US Weekly Continues Unabated

The Spencer Pratt media domination continued over the holidays, for those of you who, like me, keeping track. Here's the situation: although actual data is unavailable, my estimate is that Spencer Pratt -- widely known for being a Steve Sanders looking douchebag on a bad fake reality television show, and the boyfriend of a horsey blond with big fake boobs -- has ingeniously managed to get himself in US Weekly for the past ten weeks. This might not seem like such a huge accomplishment, but keep in mind that the douchebag in question doesn't actually do anything. Nothing. So the fact that he kept turning up in my weekly 8 minutes of toiletside US Weekly reading started to seem kind of, well, weirdly significant.

So now I'm following the story like a lazy, pop-retarded Woodward and Bernstein. Except the way I follow it is by sitting down on the toilet every week and then shouting, "Hey Lori, he's fucking in Us Weekly again!"

So without further blah blah, here's the latest Spencer Pratt Us Weekly news:

Last week: random photo spread of Spencer and Heidi Boobjob ice skating. I should note that it's these obviously posed photos that fascinate me the most, because they're what we would call "earned media," meaning that somebody, somewhere, is just making this shit happen out of thin air. Why? Who? How? These are the things I don't know.

Week before last: Interestingly, this one featured Heidi Boobjob, talking about why she had to break off her engagement with Spencer. Although the article widely paints him as a douchebag, it preceded this past weeks' wacky ice skating pictures.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Lucky for you, I will continue to follow this story.


Mike said...


I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you taking one for the team and covering this one.

I kept seeing these people in the checkout line on the tabloid mags and wondering who the hell they were. The whole thing makes me feel old.

TMC said...

I checked in today expecting to see some kind of take on the first episode of The Wire... I'll just assume you're working on it, Dave.