I for One Accept our New Juno-tastic Overlords

The pending, inevitable Juno backlash was discussed on Barrelhouse here. I imagined I would fall for it, because that kind of happened with Little Miss Sunshine. Not that I didn't like LMS, but it wasn't as awesome as the 5 months of people telling me how awesome it was, um, was.

But I finally saw Juno last week and I enjoyed it. I thought Juno was likeable if a completely unrealistic character, but I was willing to live with that. I imagine she would have made more sense if she was college-age (wonder if she was older in the script's first draft?) or if we actually saw how she came to be hyper-literate in 70s punk or Argento horror flicks (a simple movie night with Bleeker or rocking out to Iggy with her band would have sufficed).

I really liked the yuppie couple subplot, and the movie took some risks there, especially because the rest of the movie seemed like an enjoyable wish fulfillment fantasy inside Jason Bateman's head.

To sum up: Juno, not annoying or grating at all, entertaining, a bit derivative of Wes Anderson perhaps in visual style, but all in all a solid, fun movie.

Continue with your daily lives.


JP said...


jill alexander essbaum said...

I haven't seen it yet.

But as for Jason Bateman, I have but three little, perfect words:

It's. Your. Move.

Best 80s tv show evah. (Non African-American themed, of course.)

Mike said...

Aaron: In the words of Steve Kistulentz, "You could be, and are, wrong."