"I thought you were talking about of the things we eat."

This made my fucking day. For a minute. Then I remembered that the transition from half hour sitcom to 90 minute feature film is always fraught with peril. The Simpsons movie had a few moments, but it didn't come close to the greatness of a really great epidose. And the Borat movie was a total let down. Well, except for the naked fight with the fat guy. And the bag of shit. And the placing of Pamela Anderson in a sack. Come to think of it, Borat was pretty funny. At any rate, while the thoughts of more Bluthe family wackiness sets my dangly parts a tingle, I'm just concnered that something so absurd won't work for more than half an hour at time. That said, I'll buy a ticket if this thing gets made. Hell, I'll buy you a ticket, too. It can't be worse than Mad Money.

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