Link of the Week

From what I hear, Sunday is "Shameless Self-Promotion Day" up in this piece.  But, because I have nothing especially interesting going on (and because I'm decidedly shame-free every other day of the week), I decided to instead promote someone else.

My friend Kim.  Creator and maintainer of the funniest blog I know:

99 Sense

In this blog, our friend Kim (oh yes, she'll be your friend) goes to 99 cent stores across the Northeast (and occasionally beyond) to spotlight only the most fahncy of offerings.  But she describes it best:

"Discount stores are like brokedown pirate ships sunken at the bottom of the retail sea, waiting to be plundered of their booty; forgotten gems and hilarious treasures.

I literally gets that booty."

People, I give you Kim.  (And Kim gives you the ever-popular "Benign Girl" line of Barbie-esque plastic dolls, "Whisper of Musk" discount douches, and porcelain statues of old people on the crapper.)




jill alexander essbaum said...

I have to second this link. It's pretty much the funniest thing I've read. Ever.

jill alexander essbaum said...

"White babies are the new Guatemalan maids..."

I reread the archives this weekend. And again, just now. This shit keeps getting funnier.

JP said...

Tell me about it.

Mike said...

Ah, a kindred soul -- someone who shares my love of the dollar store. Awesome!

monster paperbag said...

this is quite a hilarious find :). thanks for sharing 99 sense.