How to Name Your Dog, Son, Kickass Male Ninja Warrior Characters, or Whatever You Please

Courtesy of my friend Jake, following is a list of characters played by Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme or Seagal:

Jericho Cane
John Kruger
Harry Tasker
John Kimble
Douglas Quaid/Hauser
Capt. Ivan Danko
Ben Richards
John Matrix
John Rambo
Jake Malloy
Joe Tanto
Robert Rath
Joseph Dredd
Ray Quick
John Spartan
Ray Tango
Frank Leone
Lincoln Hawk
Robert Hatch
Johnny Kovak
Machine Gun Joe Viterbo
Marion “Cobra” Cobretti
Ben Archer
Eddie Lomax
Alex/Chad Wagner
Kurt Sloane
Frank Dux
John Prince
Detective Jacob King
John Sands
Marshall Lawson
Jonathan Cold
Harlan Banks
Chris Cody
Travis Hunter
William Lansing
Jack Miller
Jake Hopper
Frank Glass
Jack Taggart
Lt. Jack Cole
Lt. Austin Travis
Casey Ryback
Forrest Taft
John Hatcher
Mason Storm


JP said...

I refuse to comment on this until you add your reality TV show revival wish list to the last post.


Donna Martin graduates!

TMC said...

I saw Harlan Banks and Chris Cody in sequence and actually read it as "Cody Banks."

Not sure what that means, but this is the kind of comment you get from me when I'm working for free.

cmq said...

Ray Quick. Hands down. For dog, son or ninja.

Mike said...

I'm pretty sure Capt. Ivan Danko was made up while the writers were very, very stoned.

Snake, CEO said...

Mason Storm is awesomely dopey. I also like the subtlety of Robert Rath.