Link of the Week

Here it is: Sunday again. And because I'm in that sort of mood, your link of the week is:


Within, you'll find myriad visual confirmations that people (and animals, and machines, and, yes, I'll say it again, people, lots and lots of people) are, indeed, retarded.

But the very least we can do is make their utter failures worthwhile by laughing at them over the interwebs.




Adam H. Berkowitz said...

My favorite fail is out of faildogs:

JP said...

yeah, fail dogs rocks...there's just not enough content yet.

oh my god, berk. i'm so glad you're here! (even though it's yet another random electronic way i'll get to hang out with you while never actually getting to hang out with you. ugh. i should move back home to nyc.)

jill alexander essbaum said...

i was happy to see that there isn't a picture of me there. yet.