Barrelhouse Burlesque

Got plans for the weekend? Of course you don't, fellow internet nerds. So come on out to celebrate Barrelhouse issue 5 and see real, live women dance and take (some of) their clothes off (also, like, readings and junk).

Seriously, burlesque is pretty much the greatest thing ever, because a) women taking (some of) their clothes off, and b) it's all "arty" and "empowering" so you don't have to feel like a sleaze for enjoying it, or make up ridiculous justifications to the girlfriend about how you "don't even like it, really," you're just there because it's a "guy bonding thing," or how you're "helping young girls go to law school or med school or whatever."

Most of the nudity, none of the guilt!

Also, as mentioned above, there will be readings and junk. Plus DJ Will Eastman, of Blisspop fame, who can make even the most self-conscious hipster put down his PBR and dance.

And, of course, the Barrelhouse crew will be there (minus the ones who won't), so you can meet your Internet Overlords face to face, and buy us beers.

The details:
Saturday, April 19
Steve's Barroom (just south of Dupont Circle, near The Big Hunt)
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Cover: $5 at the door, or $8 buys you burlesque + a fresh copy of Barrelhouse Issue 5

Be there or be (even more) square!

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