A hundred reasons why I shouldn't post this link,

but one very good reason why I should.

Because it's funny.

Redneck muslim jokes.

Where to begin?


kitty said...

Oh, WOW, you'd better lay low for a while (but damn it's funny!).


jill alexander essbaum said...

Well, my rationale in posting (and I did debate it internally) is that it comes from a pro-Islamic website, which I stumbled upon doing some research into Islam. It's a strange melange, the redneck / Islamic marriage-- and the joke-telling is followed at bottom by a link to a glossary of Islamic terms. Oddly, it seems to be one incarnation of a phenomena that I'm way more familiar with in Christendom, and that's the appropriation of pop-culture in order to evangelize-- think: Petra or Stryper or any number of those X-ian heavy metal hair bands from the 80s where the encore of their rock show is an altar call. Or better still, there's these guys:


I used to watch them on Trinity Broadcast Network. (Along with Superbook, Jeff and Renee Fenholt, and Jack (and Rexella) Van Impe). In fact, plagued by nostalgia and homesickness, I'm streaming TBN right now.

Though, while I'm easily imagining Christians who self-identify as wrestling fans and rockers alike, I can't think of a single Muslim I know who self-identifies as a Redneck. Or, speaking as a hillbilly myself, I can't think of a single redneck I know who identifies as a Muslim.

I also didn't realize there were so many Hispanic people converting (or, to use the word they use, "reverting" to Islam). That's not something I knew about.