Just So You Know

This is what Bret Michaels looks like when he's thinking about LOVE.

And sometimes he looks like this:

Note: That's not the ocean. That's actually what it looks like inside Bret Michaels' head. When he is thinking about love.

Good luck, Bret and Ambre. Rock on.

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JP said...

That's so uncanny. Because when *I* think about love, it looks just like that, too. The ocean, I mean, of course. But also, if I'm to be perfectly honest, Bret Michaels. Bret, with his guyliner and his baldness-shrouding headscarves. Bret, who invites me to "touch his backstage pass" every week, but then just walks away!

God I love that man. I'd take Ambre OUT if I could. Lying old hag.

Umm, I mean: God bless 'em! Best of luck to them both.