Update no. 2

Not much to report-- I slept way late, came close to missing my train.  But considering I am the reigning queen of insomnia, that I managed to sleep at all after being all wound up tight yesterday, ok, I'm happy.  

Even so, I still had time to meet my tunisian friend for coffee in the train station.  Then, the TGV to Paris.  The ride was 3 hrs long, and I did some writing.  And then I kept making myself laugh by singing "Smell yo dick" to myself.  

I gave a woman with leprous arms 4 euros in the Gare de Lyon.  

I got turned around on the metro (not my fault, a connection that I thought was there actually was, but wasn't well marked so I missed it and had to go elsewhere to make the connection) and got turned around walking to my hotel.  Getting turned around going to my hotels seems to be my new modus operandi.  I think from now on when I get off a train or something, I'm gonna start pulling a George Costanza and wherever I think I should go, go the opposite way.

Drank a coffee in a Montmartre cafe.  Gonna make it an easy and early night tonite.  

But: where should I sightsee tomorrow?  The next show isn't until Tuesday night...


JP said...

Wherever you decide, don't forget to stop off at a scary bar in a seedy part of town with some random arab dudes who want to buy you food and liquor. Just saying.

Mike said...

I've heard the baguettes are good.

Seriously, though, the one time I was in Paris I was pretty broke from my other travels and spent every night drinking cheap wine with my fellow hostel dwellers in the park by the Eiffel Tower.

Though that was surprisingly awesome, so you could always give it a try.