Arch Nemesis

If David Archuleta turns one more bad mid-eighties ballad into a fucking terrible R&B slow jam disaster, I'm going to pull a Brooke White and start crying uncontrollably in public places.

That is all.



Mike said...

If David Cooke keeps being a 2nd-rate Scott Stapp, I'm going to stab him in the five-head.

Clearly, Syesha should win, based on looks alone.

JP said...

good lord your logic is bad. if it's looks alone, archuleta has it. come on, now, he's adorable. if it's disproportionately large craniums and/or talent, cook's your man. and if it's boring you want, well, syesha's your sparkly-outfitted-but-not-very-shining-otherwise girl.

damn that girl's boring. pretty, yes...but she's already like a lesser idol from another season for me--every time she's on i want to fast forward the dvr.

oh, wait. except when she's singing "let my people go" or whatever other racially-motivated song she's belting next time. then she's GREAT.

(umm, obama 2008!)

Mike said...

You could not be more wrong.

You could try, but you would not be successful.

dave said...

This is getting disturbing. I mean, it's not like American Idol is a real show, with talented people. Like, say, Rock of Love.

Actually, there's a fair chance that your boy Archuleta shows up on Rock of Love next season -- put a wig and some fake boobs on that kid, and he is totally Bret Michaels' type.

JP said...

you're right, dave. however, think about it: put a wig and fake boobs on ANYONE and he/she is brett michael's type.

as for you, mike....all i have to say is that i definitely COULD be more wrong. i've been WAY wronger than this before. and i mean, like, recently.

david cook forever!