Even worse tattoos

While I appreciated Radar's gallery of terrible tattoos, they were all a little too obviously-bad for my taste: I mean, sure, it's ridiculous to have a Snakes on a Plane tattoo, or Time to Party inked onto your legs, but even the owners of said tattoos must realize they're idiotic.

No, the truly terrible tattoos are the well-intentioned but trite, the cloyingly cheesy, the pompous. Pompous as in the guy who decided simply displaying his preppie cred by wearing Polo-brand shirting was not enough; what to do, for instance, when you're topless at the beach? Problem solved.

Or what if you're looking for a meaningful quote to put on your wrists, so you go to your favorite movie? All well and good, I suppose, unless your favorite movie is The Notebook (for the record, I've never seen The Notebook, but a Google search indicates this is, in fact, a line of dialogue from the popular weeper).

This tattoo has an audience problem: so confusing!

After this next gentleman dunks in your face on one of those adjustable hoops ratcheted down to the lowest level, he grabs his lip and shows you this was no mere accident. No, sir: he'll be taking it to the rack all day, thank you very much.

Finally, someone has captured the way we all felt when Sublime's Bradley Nowell was found dead. Long live ska-punk!

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ilanathesinger said...

The "Great Job!" tattoo is a reference to the Adult Swim TV show 'Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!' I have the same tattoo on my right hip/pelvic area. I'm sure this makes it all seem not any less stupid though hahah :)