JP + RM 4Eva!

Okay, kids. It's a new day, and despite Mike's bitterness about how I was right and he was wrong regarding American Idol and the fabulousness that is David Cook, it's time to move on to much more important matters.

And those matters boil down to only one matter. The small yet singular matter of my new boyfriend Robert Muraine.

Who's Robert Muraine? you ask. Well, dear readers, fuck what you heard, because Robert Muraine is only the sickest popper to EVER set foot on the So You Think You Can Dance audition stage.


And, by the way, calling him the best popper ever is saying A LOT after last season's Phillip Chbeeb (my old new boyfriend) made it to Vegas again this year!

And to think, little Robert was dancing on the 3rd Street Promenade--right under my nose!--the whole time. So ironic, then, that it took Mary Murphy's crazy Hot Tamale Train to bring us together.



jill alexander essbaum said...

Can I be the flower gurl at the wedding?

JP said...

You can be the preacher.