Link of the Week: Finding your inner child...

Okay, I know this is no "Smell Yo' Dick," but not every Link of the Week can be highly hysterical. In fact, this week's link isn't funny at all--not exactly--but it's seriously fascinating. It's a site where people are challenged to upload two photographs: one of themselves as children, and another recent photo in which they tried--as exactly as possible--to recreate the childhood photograph as adults.

Young Me / Me Now

There's something about these pictures that gets to me--they're eerie, but they're also sort of moving. Maybe it's the fear of aging that's so spooky--seeing the child's face in the adult's. In particular, the pictures of parents and their children got to me. (Which is fitting, I suppose, on this Mother's Day.) But some are just fucking funny--especially people recreating baby photos or pictures with their siblings in funny matching outfits. One dude was wearing this Cheerios shirt as a little kid, and must have ransacked the thrift stores because he found the same shirt for his recreation. In another photo, three middle-aged brothers wear the superman outfits they sported in a picture of them as very little boys.

But hey, fear not, the real Jessica (who likes ridiculous humor about all things kitsch, ghetto and retarded) will return next week. I promise.

And Happy Mother's Day to all you brave moms out there!



jill alexander essbaum said...

Yeah, this is fabulous stuff. I think there's a poignancy here, you know? Things change but they don't change terribly.

I hope you never change. Well, not deeply.

jill alexander essbaum said...

I mean to say I hope your changes never run deep to your core, not that I deeply hope you never change.

Fucking syntax. You know what I mean.