Not only that, but I have the answer to the question on everybody's tongue...

Which Seed likes what Patrick Swayze Movie?

Seeds (in alphabetical order):

Martyn Casey
Nick Cave
Warren Ellis
Mick Harvey
Thomas Wydler
Conway Savage
Jim Sclavunos

Answers Given (in alphabetical order):

Dirty Dancing (but because of Jennifer Grey, not PS)
The Outsiders
Point Break (initial answer: "None of them." Corrected to: "Wait, that surfing movie.")
Road House

One Seed gave TWO answers, one Seed gave "No Comment" as an answer, one Seed I didn't get a chance to ask, and one Seed looked at me like I was nuts and said "I don't like him!"

Can YOU match the Seeds to the Patrick Swayze movies?


Mike said...

I don't know enough about the various Bad Seeds to even hazard a guess about this, Jill.

Though I kind of hope Nick Cave's answer was Dirty Dancing.

JP said...

since you already told me, i will guess. nick cave's favorite movie was "the surfing one." was i right?

of course i was right. i already knew.

anyway, i'm bitter that you out-reported me the day after i made my reporter-at-large post/promise. but that's my jill. anything i can do she can do better! you rock star.

later, texas...

jill alexander essbaum said...

Nick: ""the surfing one."
Mick: The Outsiders.
Conway: Ghost.
Warren: "no comment."
Martyn: I didn't ask.
Thomas: "I don't like him!"

Jim was the Jennifer Grey fan. In fact, he pointed me to a Jennifer Grey / Richard Burton movie I'd never heard of that apparently has Lolita overtones.

But mostly he liked Road House.

I have a little crush on Jim. Is that wrong? He's awfully tall.

jill alexander essbaum said...

Um, and don't I at least get props for making a fool outta myself and asking Mr. Cave about PS?

I'm sensing that y'all ain't sufficiently impressed!