The worst joke ever, or the best?

Remember all those angry honky ladies, the bitters that Obama made fun of, with their guns and their religion and their inability to stomach the idea of a Negro in charge of the United States of America? Well, one of them learned html -- okay, barely -- and created this completely awesome website to tell the world they're all voting for John McCain because he's exactly like Hillary Clinton, in the sense that neither of them is a terrorist Muslim Negroid hell-bent on enslaving the white race (come on, you know he's totally gonna do it!)

There are so many things to love about the site: the banner at top, which flashes like a neon sign (fancy!); the picture of Obama not looking at Hillary Clinton, which proves he secretly hates her; the fact the links catch fire when you scroll over them (fancy fancy!); that they couldn't decide on which obnoxious font to use so they just went ahead and used all of them.

But perhaps the best thing on the site (and by best I, of course, mean worst) is the "Obama jokes" page, which includes this joke, the unexpected punchline of which makes it either completely odd and tone-deaf or, perhaps, pure genius. Is there a joke equivalent of outsider art? If so, this might be it. Behold, bizarre outsider humor:

Jenna Bush having just been married wanted to know everything about being pregnant. Having read many books on the subject she decided to go to a doctor to get sound medical advice. Worried about the pressures of being in a presidential family, she hesitantly asked the doctor, “What if my baby was female, do you think she could become president?”

To which the doctor replied, “Of course in this day and age, look at Hillary Clinton!”

Then she asked, “What if my baby was black, could that child become president?”

To which the doctor replied, “Of course in this day and age, need you be reminded of Barack Obama?”

At that point, Jenna felt the doctor was just telling her what she wanted to hear, so she asked a rather obvious question. “What if my baby was a white male?”

The doctor laughed but offered no response and turned as if he were going to leave the room.

“Please, I need your opinion!” pleaded Jenna.

To which Dr. Paul replied, “Jenna, many white males have been president. However, your father probably should have been aborted.”


And was this joke constructed from the remainder pile of other jokes? I feel like there's a Rush Limbaugh version in which he explains how a white male could never be president anymore because everyone's all P.C. or something, and also, is that the tail end of a Ron Paul joke there at the end? The Bitter Hillary Ladies not only know html, they know cut and paste. Watch out! Pretty soon they'll figure out the email, and that Neiman Marcus cookie recipe will never be a secret again!


TMC said...

Second comment I read on the comments pages included this line:

" I will not vote for a muslim with a middle name of Hussein. I personally don't think she will lower herself to run with him."

I knew I shouldn't have even started reading this.

dave said...

Wow, this is awesome. First off, as a supposed Web Professional, my professional opinion is that this is the most awesome-est site I've seen since those fire rollovers were invented in 1996.

Some of my favorites from the comments:

"He hopes to BS, I mean brainwash, oops, I mean, lie to Evangelicals etc. to get them to "COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE" so to speak."

I still feel he was born in Kenya, and brought to Hawaii ASAP, the last time I heard the FBI and the CIA still work for the people, I bet one of them has done some homework, this is the one legal thing that would absolutly end his run for president. As an American citizen I want the truth.

The fact of the matter is that Obama is black militant muslim, and I just can't trust the office of commander in chief of the United States of America with a BLACK MILITANT MUSLIM.

I think we should impeach Obama as soon as possible.

You know, that is a great idea to send the handprints to a news organization. Perhaps if they receive a million hands in the mail, they may begin to think that they have a story to report.

I am going to get busy and send mine to all three networks. I wonder which one will be the first to report it.

More and more Obama and his gang remind me of how Hitler took over.

Many people will stay home because they feel like they have to vote for a Democrat or not at all OR their dead ancestors would roll over in their graves. If they had the choice that we are now facing I believe all our dead ancestors would vote for McCain.