A little music for your weekend

Dazed and Confused is one of my favorite movies, for multiple reasons. It's funny, odd, it manages to almost perfectly capture the spirit of my high school experience even though that experience occurred in Florida, not Texas, and in the mid-1990s of the movie's release rather than the mid-1970s of the movie's setting. And of course there's the terrific ensemble cast, which could (and maybe has?) fill at least one VH1 Where Are They Now? special, and which represents -- though this only became clear several years later -- pretty much the creative peaks of both Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck (though, admittedly, I've never seen that movie where Affleck plays the Superman guy, or the one where McConaughey would rather ride around shirtless on a schooner with Sara Jessica Parker than get married to her).

The other great thing about Dazed and Confused is the music, which is as eclectic and representative as the movie itself. How disappointing, then, when some time in college I bought the soundtrack and realized way too many of the movie's great musical moments weren't represented.

Finally this tragedy has been made right, via the Internet: some guy just as obsessive as me has collected all the movie's songs into one easily downloadable (and free) album. Check it out.

He did the same for Boogie Nights, which is another great movie with a lot of great music. So two for one (zero)!

Note: Barrelhouse does not endorse the free downloading of music you should of course be purchasing, but we'll trust each of you to mail seventy-three American cents to each of the artists represented.

UPDATE: I just realized the guy not only included every track used in the movie, he put them into the order in which they appeared, all the way from "Sweet Emotion" to "Slow Ride," and he also included little money quotes from the movie (most of them, unsurprisingly, from out the mouth of McConaughey)

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