Bury My Heart at Lakeview Terrace

I just got about 80% more interested in seeing Lakeview Terrace, a seemingly boilerplate thriller about a cop who terrorizes a yuppie couple in a gated community, when I found out Neil LaBute is directing it. Though LaBute's not the kind of director you run to the theater for...I'll wait until DVD.

This movie is about a black cop who has a problem with the interractial couple next door. It will be interesting to see how LaBute's film will be received, given that his movies have been accused of being misanthropic (Friends and Neighbors), misogynistic (In the Company of Men) and misandric?? (The Shape of Things). Although he has made movies about those things, the movies themselves are not misogynistic, etc. However, making a movie about "reverse racism" is taking things to a whole 'nother level.

Let's hope it will be the anti-Crash, which, don't you know, they are converting to the small screen...Yikes!!

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