What the hell happened to Alex P. Keaton?

I just listened to an NPR report from the Republican Convention, in which they interviewed a number of attendees, which left me with one nagging question: when did the Republican party's core supporters stop being Alex P. Keaton types -- preppy, free-market-espousing East Coasters of relative privilege, who, even if I disagreed with their politics I could a) understand and b) probably have a few beers with, since they tended to have pretty good senses of humor (i.e., P.J. O'Rourke) and also they had access to nice vacation homes I could hope to finagle an invite to -- and instead turn into these Bible-beatin', homeschoolin', evolution-denyin', gun-totin' maniacs? 

In the interviews, ladies were talkin' 'bout how their daughters went on dates with their daddies so they wouldn't be having the sexy times with boys, and how the Earth was created at roughly the same time John McCain was born, and ... well, fuck, who the hell are these crazies? Do the Alex P. Keatons still come to the convention and no one talks to them? Do the Alex P. Keatons go to fun after-convention parties I'd probably enjoy, where they smoke cigars and drink expensive bourbons and make fun of the slack-jawed Yokels they've somehow bent to their wills?

Life is, indeed, very, very weird.

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aaron said...

My guesses are:

a) they are self aware enough to know that being at the RNC is "not cool"

b) they don't make quite as good an interview

c) they are actually Canadian