Craigslist, one again, proves to be a treasure trove of ridiculousness

Question: if you hire someone to write the 'about me' section of your online personal ad, doesn't that kind of undermine the very point of having an 'about me' section in your online personal ad?



JP said...

I really like the part where he asks about what experience the writer has with this type of thing. What exactly is the appropriate answer to that?

I mean, if you say you've written hundreds of them, clearly they haven't worked. If you say you've only written one you're inexperienced.

Maybe something like: "As a successful serial killer and pedophile, I can say with absolute certainty that my ads get noticed over and over again--and by the right type of people! Because...you want someone pretty gullible, right? I mean, since you can't really get a date on your own and all. Maybe it's best to find someone not too bright? Like someone who'll get in the car when you offer her candy?"

Mike said...

I was thinking about emailing him my proposal for an 'about me' section, which would just say "Ultimately, I guess I'm the kind of dude who pays someone to write an 'about me' section."

Really tells you all you need to know, yes?