In Which Family Guy Craps the Bed Bigtime

Color me confused by last night's episode of Family Guy. The plot revolves around Stewie's time machine and his and Brian's attempt to find Mort Goldman, who had inadvertently stepped into the machine, thinking it was a bathroom.

Well...the machine takes all parties to Poland on the eve of World War II. Stewie and Brian find Mort at his grandmother's Jewish wedding. Then the Nazis attack, Stewie and Brian and Mort run for their lives and mad cap parody adventures ensue, mostly from Raiders of the Lost Ark, as they try to return to the present. Along the way you have your typical topical MacFarlane jokes, like a McCain/Palin button on a Nazi uniform, Mickey Mouse and Hitler shaking hands, and Brian joking that the reason the U.S. never attacked Germany was because Germany didn't have any oil.

But anyhoo...the elephant in this episode is that most of the family members Mort is watching celebrate a wedding are going to be shipped of to concentration camps. Unless an intimate knowledge of the show's minor characters is required, and there was an episode three seasons ago devoted to Mort's family escaping the Nazis...we have to assume that many of them were rounded up and killed, no?

So it just seems odd that Mort doesn't even try to warn and/or save his family members from the Holocaust. And even weirder that Brian, the show's conscience and Seth MacFarlane's stand in (MacFarlane's real voice is basically Brian's voice), is completely silent on this issue too.

You have to wonder who thought "Jews/Time Travel/Nazis" would just be a HILARIOUS premise for an animated half hour cartoon. Maybe the South Park guys were right about Family Guy after all:


Mike said...

Yeah, I think I might be with you on this one. I kept thinking they'd figure out some way to save all the people at the wedding, or maybe Stewie would step on a bug that would somehow change the course of history, or ... I don't know, something.

Especially since there was a scene with Hitler. Didn't they even consider kicking him in the kneecaps?

willson said...

well i couldn't watch that episodes but that sounds hilarious i will download family guy free that episodes and hopefully would enjoy it a lot.