YouTube Famous

Colby Hartburg has produced this nice little segment on the Barrelhouse Issue 7 release party and the Pink Line Project starring our own Aaron Pease as the Man with the Mustache and Barrelhouse board member Philippa Hughes as Skates with cameos by the DC Rollergirls as The Gang and Cory Oberndorfer as The Cat.

Okay. I made up those names, but Cory does get billed as the man, the myth, the inspiration. We had a lot of fun that night and we hope you did too if you came out. If you missed it, this will give you a glimpse.

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Mike said...

I'm just pissed the comments section of that YouTube video was turned off.

Because I wanted to make some all-caps comments about how AARON PEASE IS A FILTHY TURRERIST AND ALSO PROBUBLY GAYYYY!!!!