Get Behind Me, REO Speedwagon

Taking the lead and assuming that Thursday is music day here at Barrelhouse: Behind the Music, or whatever we're going to call this.

Worst song ever to be stuck in your head: "Time for Me to Fly" by REO Speedwagon.

I know this because that song is stuck in my head right now. It has been, off and on, for about a month now.

"I've been a-round for you, I been up and down for you..."

Goddamit. Get out of my head, Kevin Cronin, with your whiny nasally singing style. Damn you with your catchy sappy-ass song that I memorized all the words to when I was fourteen.

"You got me stealing your love away 'cause a-you never geeeve it..."

What the hell does that mean, anyway? Stealing love? Sounds like something that could get you locked up for awhile. I believe Michael Jackson stole some love, with the help of the old jesus juice, of course. I believe Mike Tyson spent some time in the big house for stealing some love. Whose love is Kevin Cronin going to steal, anyway, other than maybe Bryan Adams or those guys from Soft Cell.

"I make-a you laugh, and you make-a me cry..."

All this despite the fact that we spent a portion of last night talking about Cheap Trick and their annoyingly catchy and yet somehow acceptable catalog of 80s semi-hits, as well as the public unveiling of my Bob Dylan Sings "Beth" by KISS concept karaoke project.

"You said we'd work it out, you said that there was no doubt..."

Damn you, REO, you bastards. I don't even know if that song is "Time for Me to Fly" or some other drippy mid-tempo nasally REO song about not getting laid or getting dicked over or whatever. And double damn you to my moron friend Jeff, who played "Time for me to fly" three times in a row on the jukebox at Dan's Cafe about a month ago.

I believe it is, indeed, time for me to fly-yiiiiiii-yi-yiiiiii....time for me to fly."

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Mark said...

"I'm tired of holding on to a feelin' I know is gone.... I do believe I'd had enough!"