You want a piece of my heart?

Dave, I see your REO Speedwagon and raise you one Loverboy. Specifically, their seminal 1981 anthem "Working for the Weekend."

Everyone's watching … to see what you will do. Everyone's looking at you, oh.

This stupid song has been kicking around in my head for the past couple weeks, ever since I went back to working in an office for the summer. I'll tell you one thing: there's nothing like suddenly realizing you're humming Loverboy on the elevator to make you feel like the world's biggest wanker.

Everyone's wondering, will you come out tonight? Everyone's trying, to get it right, get it right.

This song always makes me think of those fantastic 80's movie montages. Johnny Climbs the Corporate Ladder. Chip Learns to Box. Everyone Pitches in To Clean This Mess Up Before Mom and Dad Get Home From Vacation.

I think the movie montage for "Working for the Weekend" should follow some mid-40's tile salesman as he transforms into a weekend warrior. You know, mousses up his comb-over. Sprays on a little Drakkar. Practices his "How YOU doin'" look in the bathroom mirror.

Then we see him behind the wheel of his freshly washed Dodge Stratus, cranking the shit out of Loverboy while he rolls to the local TGI Friday's.

Everybody's working for the weekend! Everybody wants a little romance. Everybody's going off the deep end. Everybody needs a second chance.

"Midnight Blue" would also be somewhere on the soundtrack. And maybe a nice Journey ballad.

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