Give credit where credit is due

People are always talking about how Survivor started the reality TV craze, or maybe The Real World. But how come no one ever gives a shout-out to the true creator of the genre, Battle of the Network Stars?

Where else could you see a dunk tank competition that was basically just a glorified wet tee shirt contest? Where else could you see Kristy McNichol run an obstacle course, or see Scott Baio go toe-to-toe with Jimmy Walker and Telly Savalas in a tug o' war?

And how come no one's thought to put those original episodes on ESPN Classic? Or at least Nick at Nite?

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dave said...

Gabe Kaplan! Before he devoted his life to poker (come on, Kaplan was way ahead of the curve on there), Mr. Kotter was the king of the obstacle course.