Blowing with the wind of change

Maybe it's all this talk of disappointing music. Or maybe it's the gods playing their cruel tricks on me. But whatever the reason, I've had that Scorpions song "Wind of Change" stuck in my head since about ten a.m. God. Damnit.

I can't say this song is "disappointing" to me, since I don't really know any other Scorpions songs (unless I do, and just don't realize they're by the Scorpions), but I imagine this is someone's most disappointing song of all time. Since, as I understand it, they're an otherwise fairly hardcore band (or not, since really I don't know much about them at all, except I remember they all looked vaguely Heavy Metal and even in the Wind of Change video there were stage pyrotechnics).

Oh, God, here comes the whistling again. Please, please, please make it stop.

As a sidenote, while fishing around the internets for some more information about the Scorpions, I found out they have one of the most headache-inducing web sites I've ever seen. Click at your own risk.


TMC said...

You don't know any other scorpions songs?? You obviously don't own Stone Cold Metal, pro wrestler Steve Austin's collection of his favorite 80s rock. There's "No One Like You," and everyone's favorite, "Rock you Like a Hurricane."

Being from the Southeast, you really should be up on all your Hurricane-related songs.

Kistulentz said...

The best version of Rock You Like a Hurricane is from the live album World Wide Live, where it becomes apparent that the singer speaks English phonetically, and has no actual idea what he is singing.

Mike said...

Ah, yes. I stand corrected. I guess I do know a couple Scorpion songs.

What exactly is entailed in being rocked like a hurricane? Does that mean I'll be lying on my back in a big puddle of water with my clothes ripped to shreds? Because that doesn't seem like very much fun.

Kistulentz said...

I do think that perhaps contributors to the debut issue should get their own personalised (sic) Scorpions' gold record. Don't you think so?