Paul Anka puts another nail in Kurt Cobain's coffin.

A lesser man would take this as proof that punk is dead, but as none of the bands are actually punk I think we're okay.

Forgive the reviewer for calling the lyrics to "smells like teen spirit" stream of conscious (even the words he sites are a series of paired opposites).


Mike said...

Holy lord.

Don't you think the Post could have found someone other than a "jazz geek" to review this record, perhaps someone who's actually heard the original songs? Isn't it a prerequisite to know the original before reviewing the covers?

But whatever. While the Nirvana cover is probably pretty lame, I don't think anything Anka could do would make "It's My Life" a crappier song.

aaron said...

I remember driving home from New York once and tuning the radio dial to Baltimore's 98 Rock. "It's My Life" was playing and for a good two minutes I thought it was a rock parody of a Bon Jovi song. Much to the detriment of the oh-so-hard rockers at 98 Rock, this was not the case. I guess their hearts are like open highways, too.