The Week in Swayze

It may not be an Oscar or an Emmy, but finally The Swayze is getting some much-deserved recognition: The Video Software Dealers Association is honoring the actor with an Independent Career Achievment Award at their annual conference this week in Vegas.

In sadder news, The Swayze is apparently so self-conscious about his knees, which he injured in a horse riding accident, that he's asked for a knee double (2nd item) for a new movie he's shooting called Keeping Mum. Hobbled knees and all, we still love you, Patrick. You're like the wind through our trees!

And on Sunday, nursing a beer-and-pork-sandwich-induced hangover from my trip up to Philly, I actually watched about 30 minutes of Dirty Dancing in Spanish. ¡Nadie pone a bebĂ© en una esquina!

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TMC said...

This knee double issue raises many questions:

How do you get a job as a knee double?
When you have that job, do you wear kneepads all the time, just to protect yourself? Is knee replacement a given, like breast implants in porn stars? Who else had duped me by using a knee double? How much does a knee double make? With so many ridiculous jobs like this, how are people still unemployed? And does the fact that someone can make a living as a knee double actually validate the old parenting adage that everybody is special in some way?