Will sing for money

A brief break from our regularly scheduled programming for a little shameless self-promotion:

This Saturday, from 7 to 9 p.m., your trusty Barrelhouse editors will be participating in the first ever (that we know of) D.C.-Area Litmag Karaoke Event at the Big Hunt in Dupont Circle.

There may be some brief readings. There will definitely be drink specials. And the four of us (or maybe five, depending on how many beers we can force-feed Dan, our business manager/Colonel Tom Parker) singing and dancing on stage for your amusement like the trained monkeys that we are.

The event will cost you $5 at the door, with all the money going to D.C.-area litmags (not just us). Any dollar bills you stuff into our shorts during or after the performance, however, we will keep for ourselves and use to buy beers and various potted meats. Editors gotta eat!

Here's a link with more information about the event.

The Barrelhouse editors will be performing as The Aaron Pease Project. What we lack in singing ability we more than make up for in drunken enthusiasm. Also, if you tip him enough, Joe will sing Celine Dion's The Heart Will Go On.


Mike said...

Brief addendum: the event will be held in the basement bar of the Hunt, which we have reserved. Classy! But only until 9. After that we all have to go back upstairs and drink with the unwashed masses.

TMC said...

I can't be there, but I expect live streaming video over the Internet, and at least a few incriminating photos I can show off in Iowa City.

Mike said...

Just like the resort Smithers visits on his vacation from Springfield, this event will not allow photography.

Actually, that's not true. And anyway, there are enough embarrasing photos of me in circulation that a few more won't hurt anyone. I kissed goodbye to any hopes for public office years ago.