The Barrelhouse Invitational: Patrick Swayze Edition

Just a quick reminder here on lit/comics/whatever day that we are currently in the midst of the competition known as the Barrelhouse Invitational, and our topic this time around is none other than Patrick Swayze.

We have a thing for Patrick Swayze. This we freely admit. We prefer the Road House version, or possibly the Point Break or Black Dog or even Red Dawn version, but we understand that there are those who prefer the Dirty Dancing or even the Donnie Darko Patrick.

They are wrong and misguided, but we understand that the Swayze is all things to everyone. And so we invite you to submit your own writing -- poem, story, essay, alternate ending to Point Break, song lyrics, whatever you want -- for the Barrelhouse Invitational: Patrick Swayze edition.

More information is here.

We'll publish the entries we like on the site, and as always the winner will receive the Mr. T in Your Pocket, which is appropriate for all occasions.

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