hooking up and looking out

Some great comedy on ABC's reality online dating show Hooking Up...Big handsome banker says that New York City is one of the best places for lots of superficial hook ups with beautiful women, but at 42 it has gotten him nowhere...so what does he do on his date, he paws poor Sonja like a bear trying to open the honey hive, and at one point physically blocks the poor woman from leaving his apartment. Post-date interviews feature him lamely explaining that he was testing her while she is thanking her lucky stars for having a safety pin reinforcing the buttons on her blouse.

Amy with cute chipmunk cheeks dumps some dude over the phone, who when interviewed makes it sound like the break-up was his idea, but, he adds, "I'm sure it was mutual on her end." He does get the last laugh because then Amy, after expressing relief at it being the "easiest break up of all time", becomes oddly upset that he didn't take it harder. I got a little confused because Amy is dating like ten guys and kissed all of them and they all look the same, but I think she was planning on dumping all of them, so maybe she was upset about that, I don't know. Amy, you're cute and all...but you ain't the Queen of Sheba. Just get over yourself. And call me!

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