Three Cheers for Blind Date!!!

Deluged as we are now with Reality TV, I'd like to give a shout-out to one of the most consistently funny and entertaining reality shows out there: Blind Date. Blind Date has soldiered on TV's periphery for six years. You don't need cable to tune in; just be willing to stay up late and have the auto function memory to click on the WB or UPN....networks that lose all their viewers by 10 pm at the latest. Plus, the show has to compete with Letterman, Leno, and the other late night talk shows.

Perhaps Blind Date doesn't get the credit it is due because the show adds its own layer of creative and well-placed snark in the form of running graphic commentary on each date. Reality show buffs and other dedicated TV watchers may find themselves gainsaid too often to devote a TWOP column or a "Best Week Ever" clip to the show.

Last night's epsiode, almost assuredly a repeat, featured a date between a 27 year old virgin and a 28 year old porn star. They hit it off quite well, with the porn star conceding that her emotional needs might be better met in a relationship with the virgin fellow; who needs the sex at home when you get banged all day at work? On the other side, Mr. Virgin claimed that he would have no qualms taking his show pony home to meet his parents. I imagine he thought to himself that waiting for a porn star would offer the most lasting reward for his chastity. In fact, the only thing more rewarding would be to not wait at all.

The second date did not have such a fairy tale ending. The dude had written Blind Date a letter stating that he wanted to go on a date with a specific woman that he saw on the show previously. Blind Date could not guarantee this, and they set him up with Jacqueline, an attractive woman who is a fitness instructor/makeup artist/clothes designer. Apparently she has been too busy to date, because somehow she found this plain-looking doofus to be irresistible. After working out, in which Jackie carried this guy around on her back, they sat down for drinks. Doofus not only tells Jackie about the other woman, he also pulls out the letter and reads it to her. His action leads to the following events:

Jackie: If I were to ask you to come home with me, would you?
Doofus: Are you?
Jackie: No, as a hypothetical
Doofus: I don't like hypotheticals
(back and forth)
Doofus: I need to go get the shots at the bar.

The show tells us 10 minutes pass. Jackie goes to the bar to investigate. Doofus is on the phone

Jackie: What are you doing?
Doofus: Getting the shots.
Jackie: So now you're on the phone?
Doofus: I'm out of here.

And he's gone.

Damn, that's cold. And she was into him! That is even more mysterious than his sudden departure.

So tune into the WB at 1130pm and a few half-hour time slots later for an enjoyable reality show that just doesn't get enough credit. You won't regret it.

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