New slang

So I'm listening to the radio in my car when Tom Petty's "You Don't Know How It Feels" comes on. But they've replaced "let's roll another joint" with "let's hit another joint." My first thought is: on what planet does "let's hit another joint" mean anything other than what the greaser guy in Dazed and Confused called "smokin' some reefer"?

Then, of course, it dawned on me that "hit another joint" could ostensibly mean "visit another local establishment." But who talks like that? Is some impressionable teen going to hear the edited version of "You Don't Know How It Feels" and, instead of rolling himself a doobie, extol his friends to join him on a local bar crawl?

I like it better when the censors don't understand the kids' slang, so that, for instance, that rap song with the line "skeet, skeet, skeet" can be played unedited on Top 40 radio.

So maybe that's the issue. Instead of bemoaning censored art, we just need to come up with new, more confusing terms that only a select few of us will understand. That way, when someone sings about "bobbing for apples" or "taking the elephant to the dog park," we'll knowingly snicker while everyone else just looks confused.

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