Barrelhouse on ESPN

I'm pretty sure it's a fair bet that Barrelhouse is the only literary magazine to ever be linked to from ESPN.

Thanks to the Sports Guy's Intern, and to TMC, who somehow made that happen. We owe you even more beer now, TMC.


TMC said...

i will gladly accept all free beer donations.

TMC said...

Also, I don't know if any of you ever keep up on the site stats and the hits and so forth... but I'm curious about how big a jump this linkage caused for you.

Back in April, my own site, was named AOL's Blog of the Week for a thing I wrote ripping Barry Bonds, and my hits jumped from about 800 a day to as high as 22,0000. And the AOL blogzone thing that awarded me that distinction was only in its first week and surely not read as widely as The Sports Guy's page.

By the way, my hits have since plummeted, plateauing around the 1300 mark. In case you were wondering.

WittyName32 said...

You guys also done been name dropped by new pages: http://www.newpages.com/magazinestand/litmags/default.htm