Hurricane Relief

I know that the last thing most Barrelhouse blog readers have is money, but donations to charities helping out the victims of Hurricane Katrina are important. Go here for a collection point for dozens of left and right bloggers endorsing charities of all stripes.


dave said...

Good call, Aaron. One group that's working down there is America's Second Harvest, which supports a network of local food banks across the U.S. Right now 100% of your donation goes to feed hungry folks in New Orleans and other affected areas.

I used to work with Second Harvest and they're good people, doing good stuff, and hey, 100% of your donation is pretty good.

Mike said...

Yeah, it seems pretty ridiculous down there. I've lived through a couple pretty hefty hurricanes, but I've never seen anything like the damage in New Orleans, at least judging by the pictures.

Lesley said...

I received an email yesterday from the Rockefeller Foundation that suggests donations to four locally based charities that are well established effective organizations in the region that have strong community ties. They are:

Southern Mutual Help Association, www.SouthernMutualHelp.org; The Foundation for the Mid South, www.fndmidsouth.org; Enterprise Corporation of the Delta / Hope Community Credit Union, www.ecd.org; The Baton Rouge Area Foundation, www.braf.org