Drawing Strength: Comics for Katrina

Comic artist John Gallagher (creator of crime-fighting, diner-loving, pop culture spouting Buzzboy) has put together a comic sketch book, "Drawing Strength," with all proceeds to benefit Habitat for Humanity's efforts to help Katrina survivors.

The book includes sketches from comic artists Brandon Peterson, Greg Horn, Mark McKenna, Jim Calafiore, Mike Manley, Neil Vokes, Frank Cho, Marc Hempel, Mark Wheatley, Rich Faber, Gallagher, and many others.

Amazingly, the whole thing came together, from concept to creation, in about a week, and is available on Gallagher's Sky Dog Comics site for $15. Click here to buy a copy today.


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Mike said...

Why thank you, wald0s20. A :-) right back at you! I can't think of anything more appropriate to Barrelhouse's mission than Hilton Head. Such a beautiful island! Perhaps when we become rich and famous we'll build our Barrelhouse compound there (complete with Barrelhouse grotto, of course).

Mike said...

Okay, seriously. Does anyone know how to rid ourselves of these random spam comments? Maybe we encouraged them by hosting a spam poetry contest.

Kevin said...

One option is to turn on word verification. Since most comment spam is done by computers, they have a hard time faking out these things, and it's not much of a hurdle for people to get over.

dave said...

Thanks, Kevin! I just turned on word verification and I'm guessing that will do it. It's pretty much the same as the thing you have to do when you buy tickets online or whatever, just enter a line of jibberish that they display above the box, and then you can post. Hopefully that'll do the trick.