I love lamp. I love lamp!

I haven't posted in a while, so in the spirit of Brick Tamland of Anchorman, I'll post something, anything, even if it reveals that I have no idea about what this blog is about or the inner workings of the human machine.

Well, fantasy football is going well. I have 2 wins against, get this 0...that's right 0 losses!

Portland, Oregon is a cool town. I just visited it and it has a lot of white homeless people, which is cool. Good to see some diversity there. Plus it is pretty beautiful from a nature standpoint. The surrounding area, not the white homeless people. Plus, you get to watch football at 10 am and finish up watching football at 830 pm, leaving you about 3 hours to continue to neglect your wife and/or girlfriend if you have one, but I don't, so I just neglect my pets. But I don't have any of them either. Due to neglect.

LA is also a cool town, but not in temperature, at least not at this time of year. LA--where not just the hot chicks are hot! When I also visted LA a few weeks ago, I stayed with my friends and their 2 adorable kids at their house in Van Nuys. I told people that residents of Van Nuys are obligated by city ordinance to make their house available at least 3 days per year so that it can be used as a porn movie set, and I was almost believed!

I'm told that there is a place in LA called Mariachi Square wherein many mariachi band members mill around and people wishing to employ a mariachi band just drive up and pick one. So I'm told.

Well, I'd start to tell you all about my cubicle but I have to go eat lunch, so maybe some other time. You stay classy, Barrelhouse Blog Readers, and thanks for stopping by!

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