The Name of This Band is Snaggletooth Rex

This is kind of a follow to my post about bad names for your fantasy football team. Kistulentz noted that many of these bad fantasy team names were also bad band names, and I know I'm not the only one who's spent an inordinate amount of time dreaming up names for bands that I am not in and will never assemble (seeing as to how I have no musical talent, can't sing, and don't know anybody who might be in a position to name their band, and can't imagine why anybody in the position to name a band would give up the privilege).

But anyway...I'm not the only one with a host of imaginary bands, am I? With imaginary band names? And I play the lead guitar and sing on a few songs, kind of like Keith Richards but a better singer, and with less bangles. You all do that, too, right?


Anyway, here are my imaginary band names and the kind of imaginary music they play.

Snaggletooth Rex: kind of grunge, kind of pop, kind of hard rock.

Plumb Loco: southern rock

Mother and the Fuckers: Clash-like punk/ska (as opposed to third wave type punk/ska)

Fuckie and the Uppers: see above

Giant Angry Midgets: power pop

Crazy Retard Strength: metal

And by the way, best real band name ever has to be Seven Mary Three. The band itself, not so much, but the name is taken from Ponch's call numbers on CHiPs ("seven mary three, come in, seven mary three...").

Come on, I know I'm not the only one out there. What are your imaginary band names.


Kevin said...

I think there are some simple templates for coming up with band names, one of the most popular is: Verb Vegetation

Screaming Trees
Smashing Pumpkins
Deify Plums

I'm sure you wordy types could come up with some more templates, but this one has proven success.j

joe said...

I'm a really big fan of the Aaron Pease Project. Always have been, always will be. Period.

Mike said...

The best real band name: Sorry About Your Daughter.

Close second: And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead

My suitemates in college had an imaginary band called Luggage, whose first album was to be called Excess Baggage. Until that terrible Alicia Silverstone movie of the same name came out, ruining all their plans.

Josh Maday said...

My two favorite Indie bands: The Dingleberries and The Wayward Seamen.

Lesley said...

Great real band name: Veruca Salt -named after the snotty little girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Kistulentz said...

One of the professors at FSU is the father of the guy who fronted Sorry About Your Daughter. And the frontman wrote a pretty good novel, called A Thing or Two About Curtis and Camilla.

Here's a freebie or two:

A four-piece replacements-esque band: The Mixers. The Set-ups.

A good, NWA-influenced large rap group: The Chicago Patrol.

And those of you without imagination can go here: