Mr. T Triumphant, All is Right with World

Mr. T told the McSweeneys people to quit their jibber jabber, don't give him no back talk, and shut up, fool, yesterday. All is indeed right with the world, as Mr. T is the super overall champion of the first annual Barrelhouse Pop Icon vs. Writer March Madness Tournament.

It was an exciting however-many days, and now the 40 to 50 people who were paying attention can relax and focus their attention on...well...I don't know, maybe this Friday's upcoming edition of US Weekly and what those stars might be doing to prove they're just like us (Kirstie Alley walks her dog! Zach Braff likes coffee! Reese Witherspoon drinks water! JUST LIKE US!).

Anyway, much thanks to everybody who participated.

And now we have an answer to the question, "who is the best in every way?" As my Mr. T in Your Pocket might say: "First name Mister. Middle name Period. Last name...T."

Click here to view the final brackets.

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