Spat on the Hat

You may have seen this already, but via Gawker there is a great post that reprints a Park Slope parents' listserv argument about a missing "boy's" hat. Highlarious.

In other disturbing news, I hear that Park Slope parents are known for bringing their young'uns to bars, as if they were pets or something. This heinous practice has apparently spread to D.C.; a good friend informed me a few weeks ago that she was not allowed to smoke at a bar around 11pm on a weeknight because a toddler was in residence. We need to nip the bud on this practice right here and now, or I fear we may be witness to a generation even more self-absorbed than the Boomers, if that is indeed possible.


Lesley said...

I was in a bar in Virginia on a Monday night and there was a 6 month old baby there. He was there with mom and dad and his uncle, all three of whom were smoking. At one point his socks fell off and his mom was worried that his feet would get cold. She was not at all concerned about the fact that he was in a smoke filled bar at 9 pm.

Matt said...

Yeah! I have seen this in Virginia as well. Parents at bar, smoking, kid on floor, enjoying the live music.