Poor Skippy

So, how bad does Family Ties' Skippy feel about himself? He tries to make a career comeback on Last Comic Standing, but can't even get past the regional auditions, losing out to Professional VH1 Talking Head Doug Benson and some dude who used to be on Road Rules. You'd think they'd keep Skippy around just for the kitsch value.

Meanwhile, according to Entertainment Weekly, Tina Yothers is going to be on Celebrity Fit Club.


Josh Maday said...

Damn, for a moment there I thought that was a typo and you really meant Celebrity Fight Club. Now that's some reality TV I could get into.

I wouldn't mind seeing Tom Cruise go a few seconds with Kimbo Slice.

dave said...

Am I the only one who's waiting for the Tina Yothers vehicle, "Laker Girls," to come out on DVD?

Come on, TMC, I know you're with me on this one.