Wing Nut of the Week: If That Ain't Country, I'll Kiss Your Ass

It ain't easy being country these days. The music scene that used to boast tough, hard-drinkin' guys like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels and David Allen Coe has now been co-opted by the likes of Shania Twain (who's Canadian), the Dixie Chicks (who might as well be Canadian) and dudes who look like they should be singing in boy bands.

So what's a real country boy supposed to do to prove his mettle? Apparently Troy Gentry, of the country band Montgomery Gentry, decided the way to up his street cred was by shooting a bear -- only problem was he picked a tame, caged bear.

Gentry allegedly paid about $4,650 for the bear, named Cubby. The bear's death was videotaped, and the tape later edited so Gentry appeared to shoot the animal in a 'fair chase' hunting situation, the government alleges.

Apparently Gentry bought the bear from a "wildlife photographer and hunting guide" in Tennessee, then shot it with a bow and arrow on the guide's property. The two then tagged the bear as a wild kill. They face jail time and a $20,000 fine.

Man, what is it with tough guys and fake hunting?

This incident also reminded me of Borat's Guide to Hunting, which you should really check out if you haven't seen it.

Anyway, congratulations Mr. Gentry, on being this week's Wing Nut of the Week. You just keep on "doin' your thing":

Put me on a mountain, way back in the backwoods
Put me on a lake with a biggin' on the line
Put me 'round a campfire cookin' something I just cleaned
You do your thing, I'll do mine

I ain't tradin' in my family's safety
Just to save a little gas
And I'll pray to God any place, any time
And you can bet I'll pick up the phone if Uncle Sam calls me up
You do your thing, I'll do mine

I ain't gonna spare the rod
Cuz that ain't what my daddy did
And I sure know the difference between wrong and right
You know, to me it's all just common sense
A broken rule, a consequence
You do your thing, I'll do mine

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