Questionable Celebrity Sightings

Driving home from work today, I spotted the guy with cerebral palsy from Last Comic Standing coming down the sidewalk. My first thought was Hey, it's that guy with cerebral palsy from Last Comic Standing! And then my next thought was Wow, I can't believe I just got so excited about seeing that guy with cerebral palsy from Last Comic Standing.

My critical faculties kicked back in before I honked the horn and waved, but it was closer than I'd like to admit.

Still, in the Mike Gets Excited About Questionable Celebrity Sightings Index, this one still ranks a distant third to:

--the time I spotted Principle Martino from Ed at the beach; and
--the time Mel Silver, D.D.S., ate dinner at the Charlotte restaurant where I worked.

What about the rest of you Barrelhousers? Any Questionable Celebrity Sightings? People you hate to admit you recognized?


Dan said...

The other day I saw ex-CNN, now FOX News anchor Bill Hemmer.

I also saw Lloyd Banks of G-Unit one morning on my way to work. I noticed he wasn't wearing his spinning, blinging pendant. It was early though.

dave said...

Well, anybody who lives in DC or the Maryland suburbs has had the pleasure of seeing Mathew Lesko (that shrill infomercial guy who wears the glasses and the suit w/ the question marks all over it). I was in a bar with friends, near the end of happy hour, and he walked in wearing that suit. Our whole table started yelling "Mathew Lesko!" and he took a look, turned around, and walked out. Hint to Lesko: if you dont want to be recognized, maybe keep the question mark suit at home.

I saw Lynda Carter AND Isaac Hayes on the NYC to DC shuttle a few years back. That's right: Wonder Woman and Shaft. And they were sitting together, chatting, right behind me.

Isaac Hayes made a fabulous entrance onto the plane. He was in sunglasses with this kind of African dashiki (spelling?) thing and a hat to match. He had just come out with some kind of cookbook and he walked down the aisle real slow, holding the cookbook, which said in giant letters "ISAAC HAYES" right across the top. It was kind of like having his own barker lead him onto the plane. Very impressive.

Also sat an aisle away from Larry King on a cross-country flight. He is terrible looking, like a shrinky dink version of what a human being might look like. He spent the whole trip trying very lamely to pick up the stewardess. I remember very distinctly him saying "why dont you ever talk to me?"

TMC said...

damnit, the retarded (or whatever-- I don't have time to think about it) guy from Last Comic Standing was in my city and I missed him? No freakin' luck.

I recently saw annoying, obnoxious local investigative reporter, Dave Schratweiser walking around in Philly, while I was being pulled over for an improper turn.

Also, I made a cheesesteak for Marvin Harrison once. For real.

Mike said...

And yet you've never made a cheesesteak for me. It makes me sad, tmc. Very, very sad.

TMC said...

I'll make you a knuckle sammich if you keep sassing me, dummy.

Sorry, I just channeled the spirit of Fred Sanford for a minute.

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