Screech works blue. Very, very blue.

Apparently there is a Screech sex tape. In which Screech has a three-way. And performs a Dirty Sanchez. Or maybe none of this is true. I really, really hope it's not.

Oh, and the name of said video? Saved by the Smell.

I guess that's not a terrible name, as far as mediocre puns go, but I believe my fellow Barrelhousers can do better. So, if you had to name a Screech Powers porn video, what title would you choose?


dave said...

I think "Screech Performs a Dirty Sanchez" has that nice, "Snakes on a Plane" ring to it.

We gotta get this motherfucker dirty sanchez off of this motherfucking Screech, motherfuckers!

Hmmm...maybe not.

aaron said...

This question came up on the Bill Simmons chat wrap...I think some of their answers were "Shaved by the Bell" which I would (subtly) change to "Shaved by the Balls"

They don't call me Subtley McSubtleson for nuttin'!

P.S. My own completely original addition would be: Diamond in the Muff.

TMC said...

Does Lisa Turtle know about this?

Jody said...

Meet Screech Powers, a gringo politician bent on improving foreign relations. This is his running mate, Taco, a hot tamale with a hankering for frijoles negro. And together they’re going south of the border on a smear campaign in Screechal Matter, Part Dos: Keeping a Shit Upper Lip. Coming soon to a theater near you.

Jody said...

Wait! How about He Who Smelled it Held it? I don't know...I promise that's my last post.