Yes, MTV used to air things other than Laguna Beach and TRL

For years there have been rumors that The State will be released in its entirety on DVD. I sure hope that happens soon, because I’m tired of explaining to the younger generation that Michael Ian Black used to be funny.

No, seriously. He was. Really, really funny.

"Let's Go to the Zoo"

“The Bearded Men of Space Station 11”

A search for The State on YouTube will turn up more -– including such fan favorites as Doug, Louie the “I wanna dip my balls in it” Guy, Taco Men, and Porcupine Racetrack.

Say goodbye to the next hour of your life.

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Mike said...

Sorry, that's supposed to be Taco **Mail**, not Taco Men.

Taco Mail = very funny. Taco Men = I'm guessing not so much