If It Smells Like Christmas, It Probably Is

Last year I had trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit, which I have redefined as a "feeling of satiation and contentment that better prepares you to appreciate beauty, and which may or may not be caused by eating too many Frosted Cookies in the Shapes of Snowmen." However, a PBS program I watched on Christmas Eve, which is now on DVD here, got me into the Christmassy mood.

Speaking of which, Christmas should be more like Thanksgiving and not associated with a date. Make it the 4th Sunday of every December. If you have to travel, go in the 24th. Then get Monday off to drive home. (This year is a day off from being perfect.) On that note, enough with Thanksgiving being on a Thursday, esp. if you work for a company or the government that makes you take leave on the next day. Crap on that. Make it a Saturday and give us Friday off. Sure Black Friday will lose it's meaning but do I care? No? And all for some quiet time with my razzleberry dressing.


dave said...

I agree! AND...the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.

Mike said...

I guess this is the advantage of academia ... long holiday breaks.

To get into the Christmas spirit, I like to watch The Charlie Brown Christmas Special and Bad Santa, preferably back to back.

TMC said...

correction, Mike: long, paid holiday breaks.