Speaking of Airborne...It's Never Over...

I caught the tail end of the 1994 movie "Revenge of the Red Baron". And I have to say, Wow. Just Wow. Starring Tobey Maguire and Mickey Rooney, the movie's plot revolves around the fact that wheelchair-bound Grandpa Mickey shot down the Red Baron in WWI, and the Red Baron, he's not going to take that lying down in his grave. No, he reanimates himself into a little model plane guy who flies around in a little model plane and shoots little model plane bullets from little model plane machine guns that kill real people. Grandson Tobey has to use his own little model plane to bring the Red Baron to justice, which involves maneuvering his little model plane around high voltage wires until the Red Baron flies into them. Because, you see, the Red Baron is a sucker for a good dogfight, even when he knows there is no one in the plane and there is no reason not to go after the kid with the remote control. Meanwhile, this riveting chase transports Tobey back into WWI times where he is flying a real plane and chasing after the real Red Baron. Eventually, the Red Baron is entangled in the wires. Which of course don't have any current running through them because one wire that leads to the Maguire homestead is ripped up and disconnected. But then Mickey Rooney saves the day by connecting the wires, frying himself in the process, and igniting the Red Baron. Thank God that in this California town the electrical wires draw their power from houses, not vice versa like everywhere else in the world! And thank God Mickey Rooney is alive in the next scene!

But, as the miniature Red Baron is fond of saying, "It's Never Over". Because in the closing scene as Tobey tries to explain to his mom how he really was there back in WWI fighting the Red Baron, we see the remnants of little model parachute dangling from a life-sized tree. IT. IS. NEVER. OVER.

P.S. Here is a "greatest hits" clip from the movie. Enjoy!

P.P.S. This movie is produced by Roger Corman, who also produced a live action Red Baron movie in 1971 called "Richthoven and Brown." So is this a sequel?

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kylos said...

i honestly am disappointed i've never heard of this movie.