More Musings of a Genially Sadistic Dictator

A quick note of sorrow goes out to Saddam Hussein, one of the greats. That guy was the inspiration to me to write my book, and he also taught us all a hard lesson that you only piss off America once every 15 years or so, unless you are willing to wage an ultimately successful but mostly luxury-free counterinsurgency over a long period of time. On the bright side, his death moves me up a bit on the "Tyrants with the longest tenure" list -- D-Stun

573. On one side of my bed I have one those birds that sings, "coup coup" and on the other side of the bed an owl that goes "who who". Those two things have kept me alive long beyond my usefulness.

143. My question to you naïve Americans is, you talk about breaking the cycle of violence so much, but is not breaking something a violent action? And how else to break violence except for more violence? Did you not listen to Sean Connery's speech in the Untouchables, or watch him re-execute that dead man? Or were you too distracted by Kevin Costner's bad acting? I wish Sean Connery would have given him bad advice, like "Mention to DeNiro that if he was this fat in Raging Bull, the movie might not have sucked" so that Costner would die, and then Connery could take power himself. That's what I would have done.

21. When I was young my father brought me into the prison to watch our enemies be tortured. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “My son, you torture a man to see what he is made of.” And I, being young and naïve, but terribly smart, replied: “Father, it only takes but one.” He nodded gravely. “Yes, but the rest are to see what you are made of.” My father’s eyes seared through me and then I knew I could never be him. That is why I kill them all quickly.

57. Consort #7 will never understand that your time spent with Consorts #1-6 just previous has drained you of your ability to pleasure her. Best to shut her away forever in order to preserve the legend of your amazing sexual prowess.

About the Author: General Commander Poobah Deek Stunner Raj, Holy Mother of God, Vice President of Player Development, Not Just President of the Return to Primitive Manhood Club But Also a Member, Mayor of Slayertown Population You, Chief Associate Regional Sales Executive, Celebrity with Brevity, Colonel of the Armed Forces and Sanitation Inspector, rules the little known East Asian country Dushbaj with a velvet fist and an iron glove

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