John Wooden Hates Black People

According to this Slate article, John Wooden, uber-successful college basketball coach and grand old sage of the hardcourt, doesn't like the "black" elements of basketball.

I helped coach an 8th grade CYO basketball team in Queens way back in 1995. During a playoff game where we had a one point lead, our backup point guard stole the ball and had an unimpeded path to the basket. He saw that the only player close to him was one of our big 6'2 forwards. Instead of laying the ball in, he decided to slam the ball off the backboard so that his teammate could catch the ball in mid-air and dunk it home. The ball soared over the head of his teammate, the other team got the ball, and was able to score and go up by one. We managed to win, but with our backup point guard on the bench.

I tacitly approved of the decision to remove our backup point guard from the game, and I realize now that I was both wrong, and racist, to privilege "white" fundamentals over "oppressed peoples" flashy fun improvisation. For this, I am truly sorry.

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Mike said...

Like John Wooden, I also wish they'd outlaw the "dunkshot." Give me a good ol' one-leg-kick lay-up any day of the week. A think of grace and beauty!

Also, I bet Allen Iverson would be better behaved if someone forced him to eat celery and roasted beef before every game.