How The Wire Ruins Actors For Me

If you have had the great luck to see the trailer for the new Hillary Swank vehicle, Freedom Writers, in which she plays a former Marine named "Gunny Sgt. Michelle Pfeiffer" and teaches the children to be our future, and lets them lead the way through Gangster's Paradise while writing about their lives, then you also had the opportunity to see Robert Wisdom, the actor who plays Bunny Colvin, the down-to-earth education and police reformer from The Wire's last 2 seasons, portray a school bureaucrat who dares to get in the way of Hilary Swank and her patented "Roundhouse Kick Poverty By Writing" method of getting kids kicked out of poverty. How depressing.

But then you can also see Cookout, you can also find the actor who plays Reg E. Cathay, Carcetti's trusted campaign manager, in a silly role in a silly movie.

Also, the actor who plays Lestor Freamon can be heard voicing some car commercials.

It is silly of me to feel this way, I know--but it is legitimately irksome that Bunny's role in Freedom Writers is basically as a Hilary Swank Heroine Enhancer and Oscar Nomination Facilitator...I think the backlash against Hillary should start here...Chad, you available for some guest-posting?

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